Chaturbate Boyfriend Caught Cheating with A Sex Doll

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In this video, Kiara Cole leaves work early to head home and prepare for the weekend. Juggling between two jobs a day and studying for her masters isn’t an easy task. As such, she always looks up for the weekends. The weekends give her a chance to enjoy some relaxation. However, on this day, her boyfriend has the idea of recording himself live on Chaturbate boyfriend sex cam videos. The idea came about after watching other guys do the same on BEEG. As such, he decides to walk through a sex toy shop to buy Samantha the doll. Afterwards, he rushes back home in readiness to have live sex with it. Unknowing to him, his girlfriend, Kiara, is in her room listening to music. As such, he ends up getting caught live, throbbing his huge dick in the tiny sex doll.


Scene 1 – Chaturbate Boyfriend Buys Sex Doll

On this day, Kiara Cole’s boyfriend rushes out to buy a sex doll. As such, he dashes to the nearest sex toy shop. The guy borrows inspiration from a couple of friends that earn cash by making Chaturbate boyfriend sex videos. Besides the money, he’s also was aware of the pleasurable experience of sex dolls. In this case, Samantha, the doll, is massively trending on IXXX; hence, the inspiration. The wanker knows that his stepsister-turned girlfriend will have none of it. As such, he decides to pursue the journey of having wild sexual fantasies become a reality in private. After buying the sex doll, he walks in straight to the house in readiness to test the product. Such a step is crucial before going live on free live sex cams site.


Scene 2 – Gets Busted For Cheating?

In scene 2, the boyfriend gets caught for cheating with the sex doll. The scene begins with the Chartubate boyfriend walking into the house to test the doll. As such, he’s unaware of his boyfriend’s presence in the house. In this case, Kiara is resting in her room, listening to music with the earphones plugged in her ears. Suddenly, she decides to grab something from the fridge to eat. By this time, her boyfriend is busy riding the sex doll on his hard cock. He gently moves Samantha up and down on his fat penis. From the look of things, the doll with a tight rubber pussy clenches tightly on his cock. Shockingly, the two lovebirds end up meeting eye-to-eye.


Scene 3 – The Chaturbate Boyfriend Receives a Sexy Confession

Kiara stands there in awe, watching her boyfriend fucking a sex doll instead of her pussy. By this time, her boyfriend was getting ready to go live by recording himself on the phone. Unfortunately, the party ends suddenly, judging from the awe of the surprise that both have for each other. Following the shocking encounter, Kiara’s boyfriend ends up locking himself in the bedroom. The guy does so deliberately to avoid talking about the issue. However, Kiara manages to walk into the room gently. As such, she succeeds in convincing him to talk about the sex doll. In fact, she decides to get cozy to treat her Chaturbate boyfriend into having a threesome with Samantha.


Scene 4 – Steaming Hot Fucking Session   

In scene 4, Kiara’s man gets an idea of how to go live on Chaturbate boyfriend sex cam. As such, he gets the idea to showcase the girlfriend and the doll fucking him raw. Therefore, his girlfriend starts the sexy confession by picking up the doll and oiling his huge dick. She gently begins to stroke his dick with the doll’s tight pussy. The move makes him lay back and moan softly, knowing that he’s off the hook for cheating. Knowing that she’s live on sex cam, Kiara decides to place the doll aside and jump on her boyfriend’s dick. She gives him a deep throat blow job, choking the neck of his dick with her tiny hands. As his huge penis hardens like a rock, she decides to jump on it and ride it like she’s ever ridden anyone penis before.


Winding the Chaturbate Boyfriend Fan

The whole scene ends up with one happy cam shot on the face of Kiara. Think Kiara Cole is a sex freak? Why not check out other related videos here.