Earthquake Watermelon Booty Dick Pounding XXNX Video

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Have you ever seen a watermelon booty riding dick? In this xxnx video, Victoria Cakes goes all ham on J-Mac to pound his dick using her earthquake booty. The video begins when the two love birds are spending some quality together. However, J-Mac gets hungry and requests for some food. As a submissive lover, Victoria prepares for him some fruit pudding. Wonder what the pudding is made of? Imagine a watermelon and a big voluptuous black booty in a bowl. It’s important to have a double meal. First, eat the food. Second, finish off by having a humongous black booty for your dick to eat. The end result is a sizzling hardcore fuck session.


Scene 1 – The XXNX Video Food Preparation

Scene 1 begins with Victoria preparing food for her hungry man, J-Mac. There are having an awesome gateway weekend when Mac starts to feel hungry. She requests the curvaceous watermelon booty babe to prepare for him something to eat. Victoria obliges and prepares a fruit snack for him to eat. However, on serving him, Mac rejects the fruit pudding. Instead, the Atlas of man orders for watermelon. Consequently, Victoria heads back to the kitchen to get him watermelon for a snack. But, there’s more. Victoria not only prepares the fruit but also colors her humongous black ass to resemble a watermelon. After all, Mac didn’t specify the type of watermelon that he needs.


Scene 2 – The Watermelon Booty

In scene 2, Victoria takes time to feed the eyes of J-Mac on her huge watermelon booty. From the look of things, the saucy bimbo has a serious package. Apart from being tall, she has voluptuous boobs and an ass the size of BOOTYLIOUS’s booty. As such, she gets to treat her lover with a taste of his fruit snack. Instead of the watermelon fruit, Victoria swaps things for her watermelon booty. She stands by the window to vigorously twerk in the front of J-Mac. Her monster booty shakes in a manner synonymous with earthquakes. Additionally, the loud sounds of the ass clapping are music to the ears. The scene is a dick punisher.


Scene 3 – It’s Time to Eat

The third scene of the free sex video paves way for the couple to feat on each other. In this case, the watermelon booty ebony slut hops on the bed and begins to suck J-Mac’s fat cock. She goes full throttle than those sluts on REDTUBE that give weak blowjobs. In this case, the XXNX VIDEO ebony slut chokes on the dick relentlessly. She makes a few pauses to break before embarking on sucking the life out of her lover. J-Mac relaxes while watching the nasty amazon bitch do him dirty. He unleashes gentle moans while spanking her ass to divert attention. He’s lucky that she isn’t SuperHead. Otherwise, his balls would be empty of cum by now.


Scene 4 – Spit on That XXNX Video Dick

In scene 4, Victoria ups her dick-sucking game. The ebony milf knows winning the AVN awards requires her to be more than average. As such, she wets J-Mac’s fat penis by spitting on it several times. The slut adds a few tight strokes making the cock harden more like a rock. J-Mac also adds on a few of his moves by fucking her mouth. The sounds of his dick thumping Victoria’s back of the mouth signify something amusing on the way. She chokes on her breath while attempting to accommodate her man’s full length. Upon noticing it, the motherfucker lets her gasp for air. The move also gives him time to call his balls from giving up early.


Scene 5 – Earthquake Dick-Riding By Watermelon Booty

In the final scene of the XXNX VIDEO, J-Mac and Victoria decide to shake up the whole room. The huge bitch jumps on his dick and starts to ride vigorously. She makes thunder moves by bouncing on his dick vigorously. The move makes her humongous ass shake like an earthquake. Watching it bounce from side to side is a mesmerizing experience. However, J-Mac wouldn’t let Victoria steal the show. He makes the bitch bend over with her butt the size of a building face him. The new position enables him to fuck from behind. He bangs her long dick style. At some point, the black milf regains control by twerking on his dick. However, the video ends with J-Mac beating his thick meat between her fat butts milking his balls dry. If you enjoyed this free porn video, then check out more hardcore dick-riding action here.