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Ever heard of a milkshake booty? Well, in this free sex video, adult actress Anikka Albrite goes on a cock-feasting extravaganza. The scenery features a bathtub full of milk and chocolate. It beats logic for a pure mind but to a fucker that’s a juicer. In this case, the performers get the chance to fuck themselves to oblivion with milk serving as an appetizer. As such, the creation of this free sex xnnx video exceeds imagination. Watching the dick mixing with milk as it pounds pussy is enthralling. Since you might live your life without experiencing it, why not check it out for free here at XNNXHD? Thanks to BangBros for making this possible.


Scene 1 – The Sexy Introduction

The first scene begins with Anikka Albrite introducing herself to a horny Chriss Strokes. The sits naked next to a bathtub full of milk. Her charming smile graces the scene as the director edges closer for a brief interview. As such, the sexy slut informs the director that she has an overactive gland in one of her boobs. She proceeds forward to squeeze milk out of one of her boobs. Next, the adult actress stands to show off her tight bubble butt. As such, the director makes a joke of it as she tries to twerk. Regardless, her XXX grade booty is perfect for the occasion. She proceeds to strip down to expose her fine ass body.


Scene 2 – Milking the Free Sex XNNX Booty

In the second scene, the pussy cum princess prepares her sexy body by lacing it will milk. She stands in the bathtub while pouring milk on her body. Watching the droplets bounce off her silky skin is a bliss. As such, Anikka spices the scene more by letting the milk slide past her butt crack. The move makes you sense the smell of the fresh milk from a distance. As if not enough, the director picks the jug to help the sexy free sex xnnx slut marinate herself. She takes advantage and twerks her booty to add oomph to the XVDS video. The love leaves the director in awe. It seems Chriss wasn’t ready for the blazing action.


Scene 3 – Add Chocolate On the Free Sex XNNX Pussy

Did you ever get the chance to watch the Power Puff Girls? Watching this scene refreshes the moment Professor Utonium mistakenly took to create the girls with superpowers. Unlike in the iconic cartoon series, the director is perhaps creating a pussy with magical powers. You’re wondering how? Of cos, by adding some chocolate on Anikka’s saucy body. He accomplishes this by smearing some chocolate on her body. While at it, the mom xxx twerks making the chocolate drop off her body and into the milk. If you though the milk made her look sexy, then you’re wrong. The chocolate makes her glamorous body stand out like a turkey ready for a thanksgiving meal.


Scene 4 – Playing With The Dick

Anikka makes a move to prepare the cock that is going to fuck her. She stretches out and grabs the man’s long cock and dips it into her mouth. On noticing the warmth of her mouth, the fucker decides to fuck the slut’s fat lips. The move hardens his cock, making his balls bulge. Meanwhile, he grabs her ass and makes it bounce. He does this by shaking it. In response, the fat ass slut shakes and twerks her ass from side to side. From the events, it is clear that the free sex xnnx slut is a dick breaker. As such, the adult actor in the scene pulls her away to buy time. The failure to do so might make him cum ending the free porm video prematurely.


Scene 5 – Free Sex XNNX Fucking Time

The final scene of the pron video is where the real action takes place. It unfolds by Chriss positioning himself to dick Anikka down. He has a 10-inch long dick, which as hard as a rock. Accordingly, he washes the chocolate off the slut’s butt and pins her against the bathtub using his cock. At some point, Chriss allows Anikka to ride dick before standing up to drill her free sex xnnx booty. Later in the scene, the duo changes location and moves to the living room. As such, the fucker allows her to take control. She gladly obliges and rocks his dick on an oily juicy ass. That’s why this xxx video makes it in some of our best compilation lists.